Bread and Coconut Water

1) Bread and Coconut Water


Creator God, in whose Word darkness was shattered, in whose breath dust became being and in whose love bondage became liberty.

We approach your table unworthy even of the crumbs that fall beneath it.

Broken as we are, we draw nearer in faith, knowing that you have and always will be our first Love.

In history, you have loved us into being;

you have loved us into freedom, and you have loved us even when we were unloveable.

We praise you to no end, and give thanks now and forever… Amen


Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.

Heaven and earth are full of your glory.

Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.


I was hungry
church was opened
I entered there
The “table is ready” Christ said
I have received a piece of bread
For me, it was not bread
but life itself
I was in a journey to retain my life
A black, crushed, blood-stained hand fed me

Amen, Lord Give us our daily bread

Leader: God, feed the hungry
Congregation: Lord, put us in poverty, so that we share life with the poor
Leader: Go and be the bread for the hungry
Congregation: Lord, we only have five loaves of bread in our hands
Leader: Bring it to the Lord’s Table

[5 women bring the bread forth]:

Holy Spirit, accept our offering.
Leader: Yet there are still many who thirst
Congregation: Lord, we have coconut water with us
Leader: Bring it to the Lord’s table

[2 children bring the water]

Congregation: Lord, accept our offering

Offering Prayer

[Leader holds up coconut water]

Leader: Our workers shed their sweat, blood and everything for this fellowship.

These are the products of their struggle.

This bread comes from the people who slept without food.

Congregation: God of life, bless this bread and that hands that prepared it

[Leader holds up coconut water]

Leader: Our farmers bring forth the coconuts, fruits of their labour.

They live in poverty and are themselves thirsty for emancipation.

Through this water, we share in their tears.
God our everlasting fountain, bless this coconut and the hands that harvested them.

Leader: May this bread and coconut water be the body of our Lord
Congregation: Amen. Let it transform us also to be life for other

Leader: In the night before he was betrayed, the Lord took bread in his hand, he took wine and said… this is my body… this is my blood

Congregation: Lord, by receiving your body and blood we surrender ourselves to your mission of salvation. Let us too be a light to others. Amen

Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again


God of life giver,

Come to transform the bread and wine that made by worker,

to be the holy food for your people.

Through eating and drinking those elements,

renew our hearts, mind and soul,

break down the discriminate and social class that made by man,

so that we may be made one with Christ and one another.

Help us grow up to be likeness of Christ, so

let everyone who are thirsty find the water from living words.

let everyone who are hungry find in you the bread of life,

let everyone who are oppressed find comfort in You

let everyone who are in despair find hope in Your promise

God of life giver

come to sanctify the groaning creature

Let all universal will breath what you breath,

and be filled with Your life anew.

Through him, and with him ,in him

By the power of holy spirit

with all who stand before you in earth and heaven

we worship you, Father almighty in song of last praise:

Blessing and Honor and glory and  power be yours, forever and ever,amen !