Jesus Our Refugee | Advent

Lord Jesus

You were deprived of a home for much of your life:

You were born in a stable

Soon you became a refugee in Egypt

During your ministry you said you had nowhere to lay your head

You hosted your last supper before your death in someone else’s house

You were buried in someone else’s tomb

You understand the plight of the homeless. 


We pray for those who have been displaced 

by wars, land grabs, unemployment and poverty

When mining companies have come, raped our land and used our people as cheap labour, 

and have then deserted their mines, barren land impossible to cultivate

they have left our communities in tatters. 


Father, mothers, children have left home in search for work, for food, for meaning

Only to find violence, drugs, danger, rape and loneliness,

In makeshift squatter camps, dominated by a few.

Rejected and ridiculed by all who pass by.


Where are you? 

You have told us that you are in the poor and the homeless. 


You have also called us to be their answer to prayer.

This is the radical gospel.

Can we live up to it? 


During Advent, we prepare our hearts to invite you to make your home in us

Give us courage and love to invite the homeless in our cities and townships into our own homes

And into our own church,

Help us to hear their stories and walk with them the extra mile

For we are the hope that you have promised.