Liturgy for Jeepneys

Let us bring the needs of people and the world to His hands.

God of people, God of life, you who transform swords into plowshares, spears into pruning hooks, lead us to just and lasting peace.
We are pilgrims inside a jeepney. We are the travelers.
We are the workers who travel
Thanks for giving us the jeepneys in the Philippines

God of people at Bethlehem, bless us with the great gifts of life

God who lives in public space, we believe and affirm that your real presence is with the people who travel in the jeepney

God of refugees, travel with us

God of revelation, thank you for revealing your essence to the people who are in the jeepney

God of Hagar, reveal to the people who travel with pain and frustration

For The forces of death is upon us—big oil companies, TRAIN Law They are sucking the lifeblood from our veins
They extract the little life we have into profits
They brought more deaths into our lives inside the jeepney.
They plunder the wealth inside our pockets
That today, we see many people who are living in poverty many of the workers are under-paid,
many people are losing their rights.


But God, You promise Your justice and peace will be respected and prevail in this world:

We believe You are our God who incarnated in a muddy social space to redeem us. We believe You are Our Lord who was abandoned at Calvary. We believe You are our Savior who was naked at the cross,
by Your beloved son’s sacrifice on the cross, You redeemed us from self-destruction,

lead us from death into life,
transform the grief to praise,
turn the sadness to gladness.
transform the weapon to the transportation
transform despotic invasion to tranquility
restore human conscience and righteousness
We believe You are our comforter who comfort,
heal and energies those who are weary and heavy burdened.
put your love and justice into every heart,
let all creature will find their accord,
The hope of peace and justice shall be fulfilled soon.

We pray in the name of God of life.