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Photos & Videos
Liturgical Resources

Experiencing God’s Presence

Liturgical Liberation Theology in Manila A note on the workshop of Re-imaging worship as acts of defiance and alternatives in


Liturgy for Jeepneys

Let us bring the needs of people and the world to His hands. God of people, God of life, you


Igpaw Mindanao – Rise-up Mindanao

Lumad Children from Mindanao Philippines singing At the United Church of Christ Faith Bible Church, a place that is fully


A Prayer from the Philippines

Prayer (contribution to a group) O Lord, We pray for rest, for the thousands of lives unjustly murdered in the


About the pain visited – The Valley of Dry Bones

God of Life, we are living in a valley of dry bones We have lost our identity …we have lost


Understanding of our work

For a week, scholars, pastors and students got together in Manila and under the leadership of the Philippines Council of