A Psalm of Praise


Lord God

I adore you!

You are my shepherd

Taking care of all my wants

You allow me the pleasure

Of seeing yet another day

I praise you

Almighty God


And in the midst of all you are

I pray that you guide me

O Lord, my homey, my friend.


You, O God, are the only one

On whom I can depend

You first loved me

And you love me still

You sent your son to die

For me;

You are awesome!


I lift my eyes to the hills

I look across the alleys

And you are there

To help me

You are merciful

My rock, my physician

You are my healer

Even in the moments of my craziness

I thank you, Lord

For you are a constant help in times of trouble

My protector, Always there


The sun shines by day

The moon by night;

The birds sing

And even the trees clap their hands.

You created us, O God!

Living, laughing, loving

You are our warmth when it is cold

O Breath of God

You are our hope!


We see you

As the grasses pushes through broken sidewalks

As dormant seeds awake

To become new plants

You even use the cold air

To kill diseases that harm

And design the ice

To create images of beauty

You surround us with other people

To remind us that we are not alone

Even as the rain pours down

You wash the air.


You bring us peace

Feeding us when we are hungry

Inner peace

That helps us draw others to you.

You clothe us even when

We cannot clothe ourselves

You keep us warm.

You are our personal banker

Never running out of

Your grace.

I thank you, Jesus, for saving my soul.

I thank you, Jesus for taking the stripes for me

I thank you, Jesus, for keeping my enemies at bay.

I thank you, Jesus, for being my “jawn.”

And I praise you for your holy name!