And so, at This Table of the Lord

And so, at this Table of the Lord
we remember all that you have done for us in Christ
through his Spirit.

He suffered pain although he never did wrong;
he called out to God, although he spent his life leading others to their Creator;
he died on a tree although he offered the hope of life to others.

By means of his life and suffering
he sanctified the suffering of those without hope,
of those who have been left behind
and those on the margins.

When he rose from the dead
Christ created the possibility of hope
for those with no hope
and opened a new way of life
that refuses to permit the triumph of evil.

Those who hunger for justice
now find nourishment for empowerment;
those who suffer estrangement and loneliness
can now find fellowship in the Body of Christ;
and those have escaped being swallowed up in the rough waters of the sea
can be absorbed in the overflowing cup of salvation.

Send down your Spirit of transformation on our offerings.

May these be changed into food for life and nourishment for our journey.

May all who participate in this spiritual food
find life and salvation that will be completed at the end-time
when the fullness of God’s love and life will be offered to all of creation, purged from sin and evil.

May all praise and honour be to God in Christ and through the Spirit,
whose splendour is found in justice
and whose glory radiates in right relationships with creation.