Baptism Prayer of Liberation

Presentation of candidate 


In a greedy world fueled by inflations, faith is the free gift of God to his people.

God of the poor, please welcome these candidates to our home, a new way of life together in Christ.




In baptism, God calls us out of darkness into his marvellous light.

To follow Christ means dying to sin and rising to new life with him.

Therefore I ask:

Do you reject the curses of capitalism, the temptation of greed, the condemnation of the poor? 

Do you renounce the deceit of stability, which says security is only possible at the expense of others’ lives?

Do you turn to Jesus Christ, the Savior our Lord, who was born to the lowly, walked with the marginalized, healed the wounded, was killed by the imperial collaborators, but resurrected from death?


Yes, I do.


Prayer after baptism


[Name of candidate],

today God has stretched his/her arms into the world of exploitations and abuses, 

touched you and lifted you out with his/her love of the poor

and given you a place among his people, a safe haven, a roof shielding you from thundering violence.

In baptism God invites you on a life-long journey with the poor.

Together with all God’s people, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death, on earth and in heaven

you must follow the way of Jesus, being for the other in the face of the empire,

and grow in friendship with God, in solidarity with his/her people fighting for costly justice.

With us you live in the word of liberation

and the unconditional gifts of God.