Etna Prayer

God of Life,
Maker of the earth –

We come like Moses – who met you on his mountain
which you chose and blessed with your presence –

We come to meet you with this mountain,
grateful for its hospitality to us
Believing you love it and us
You knew this mountain long before we did –
And it was here to pray before we were.

We rise with it towards you
We wait with it before you
We tremble with it
We see its fire
We hear its life

Does it feel small before you
As we feel small before it?
Do you carry it as it carries us?

We give thanks for this sweet, solid place
A sheltering friend –
Today it is peaceful,
But if we are silent – it will shout aloud
This mountain, with its heart of fire –
Whose energies are uncontainable…
This too is your mountain
We can join with it
And with all that has life
To praise you,
God of Life,
Maker of the earth,
Amen and Hallelujah!
Let this mountain and its people now
Say Hallelujah and Amen.