Exclamation of Rage

This prayer was very difficult for all of us. The person who said this prayer presented it so vividly and exposed so much suffering that it impacted all of us. The language might not be acceptable for many and people in our group would never accept such heavy language to speak to God. It was quite a difficult moment. But the group had seen a bit of what this person was speaking about and we could all relate to the devastating situation of the land and of his people. The reason this prayer is here is because it was part of the whole process of engaging the realities from various theologies and worship experiences.

Putang ama, putang ina, putang gala, putnyfaa, putrages
Putang, putang lahat ng kaputa-putanhang puta sa
Lipunang at lupang pnuputa ng mga punyetang kapitalista

Diyos namng mga puta at pinuputa
Palayain mo kami!

Prostituted father, prostituted mother, prostituted all
Over, putntena, putrages,

Fucking father, fucking mother, fucking fuck
Shit all over of the worst fucking fuck of
A society & land fucked up by the capitalist fucker

God of the bitch & the fucked up, set us all free. Amen