God wants to meet us…

Modibo leaning on Silvia’s shoulder

John – or the disciple whom Jesus loved –
leaning on Jesus’ shoulder at the table,
through classical art history.

Modibo went through a long story of experiences of violence. For now, he found a safe place, a shoulder where he can find rest and safety after violence.

Silvia is exposed to the violent politicas of her government. Where is her place to rest, the shoulder where she can find nourishment on her way? Or is she just exposed, like Jesus, as his being the pastor for the people? Modibo attends muslim prayers. However, the Protestant Women Priest is his place of liturgy.

We believe that our God wants to meet us through the “real world thing” – physical things and people. Our God wants to meet us in people, gestures, words, in the meals we share – with those he set aside to serve him doing leading, ministry, and them being most expose to the violence, like Silvia. We need liturgical experiences to survive.

There being misuse liturgical actions for their own ends.

However, God will continue to meet us even in sinful liturgies. None of our liturgies are without violence. None.

However, God’s healing power can come through and reach his people –
wherever his Word is heard it has
the power to change
people and to
reverse the violence.


A challenging experience being in
the midst of horror, pain &
death, fear and the unknown.
Scicli brought challenge to faith
that we tried to articulate in
prayer texts, in music & through art.
If this work is an authentic
expression of faith after encountering
migrants, then these might be
worthy resources for other