Understanding of our work

For a week, scholars, pastors and students got together in Manila and under the leadership of the Philippines Council of Churches we visited four communities affected by many forms of violence. The four communities were:

Area 1: Indigenous People’s Communities in the Province of Rizal. The IPcommunities are victims of militarization, forced evacuations, demolitions and extra judicial killings. They are also in continuous harassments of the land grabber, mining companies, and the government military forces.

Area 2: Workers Organizations in the province of Bulacan and Southern Tagalog areas. The workers are victims of unfair labor practices. They are being militarized and in constant fear due to some despotic company owners are threatening them with armed paid goons. Two organizations of the workers in different communities are in hunger strikes.

Area 3: Urban Poor Communities. Constant victim of demolition because of‘development aggressions. They are also the guinea pigs of the Philippine NationalPolice efforts for their “Operation Tokhang”. This operation is almost killed thousandsof innocent victims in the urban poor populations. The Urban poor communities are in constant bullying of the dominant media.

Area 4: The peasant communities in Batangas or Kalinga Areas. They are victims of land conversions, militarization, demolitions, and some their members are victims of extra judicial killings. The long time struggles of the peasant for genuine land reform is being denied by the Philippine Government.

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