Yes, I have changed

Whenever someone touches our lives, we change. Yes, I was touched, deeply touched. Touched by people with me as they shared their faith, their friendship, their vision, about the poor, the way they look at God. I was challenged to resist, to care, to make a difference in the world.

I saw the wickedness of the Empire. The pain caused by it. I have seen unequivocally that I must be an instrument of hope. I saw my fears, I saw my omission, but I also saw the importance of doing my part.

Yes, I have changed.

I changed direction, I turned my gaze and my thoughts towards the violated, the dispossessed. I looked at my brothers and saw that I was not alone.

Yes, I have changed.

I now walk in order to touch other lives and with the help of God, also bring about changes in my brothers and sisters.


I am very grateful, very grateful, very grateful!