A Prayer from the Philippines

Prayer (contribution to a group)
O Lord,
We pray for rest,
for the thousands of lives unjustly murdered in the name of war on drugs;
We pray for cure,
for the mothers and wives whose hearts being torn apart by the loss of their beloved;
We pray for peace,
for the communities traumatized by random killings, not knowing if they will be the next
We pray for repentance,
for those who are powerfully armed, yet point their guns at the poor and powerless.
Lord, hear our prayer as we take refuge in you.
Prayer on Mourning
Daylight shines again in the morning
through the window should come God’s blessing
protecting our household from sanctioned killings
Still guns and bullets shot in a rude awakening
families and communities in the nightmare of losing

the war on the poor
the battle with powers
the pulse and heartbeat of our beloved