A Reflection on Liturgy & Violence

Through liturgy, we have people gathered to worship God. God of the world, God whose love is for the world, not for a small group of people.

By worshipping The God, we are called to the world, to create the Kingdom of God and to be the peacemaker in the world.

It means, through liturgy we do can against violence [sic] that happened in the world nowadays.

On the other hand, through violence people suffer, people dream of hope and love which comes from God. People under the violence need community to support as well as the good news to support, to comfort and to heal the hurts that they may have through the violence. This makes liturgy matter to the people in violence. And, these two points of view running simultaneously and go round infinitely.

– Even with more spontaneous liturgies, there are those who lead, those who determine when, what, and how to pray, those who reflect, worship, carry, move …

– The sound is extremely loud, muffling all other sounds and voices, there is no silence, no pause.