God of Love, We Need You Now | Matthew, 5:38-48

Written to be said with the Gospel According to Matthew, 5:38-48.



God of Love, we need you now.

Teach us to love those we have learned to hate.

Teach us to pray for our enemies

To love you even in those we despise. 

God of Peace, we need you now. 

Teach us how to reconcile. 

Teach us to speak when we are silenced. 

Teach us to give up power when our power renders others powerless, or mute. 

God of Joy, we need you now!

Receive our burdens, they are many. 

Lift our spirits, they are weighed down. 

God of life, we need you now, 

Grant us grace where shame restricts us, 

Grant us life where pain takes hold, 

Grant us wisdom where we would settle for easy answers, 

Grant us love, rooted in the eternal, the living, in you! 


God bless us as we gather, in the name of the Creator, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.